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    Default Saturday AM

    It finally quit raining here so I headed out about 8:30 yesterday morning. The fish were still asleep till around 10:00 or so. I caught 6 or 8 small bass (10" or so) bookended by these two guys:

    This fella was around 19-1/2", which according to my handy-dandy conversion chart, would make him around 3 lbs.

    The last fish of the day:

    This guy was a little over 26-1/4" which the chart says puts him well over 8lbs. Cats are not my favorite catch; they fight OK and put a good bend in the rod, but they mosly just want to go deep, and I like to see what's fighting me once in a while. A jump or two doesn't hurt either! But I guess prairie flyfishers can't be too choosey!
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    They don't often jump but they can sure get the kinks out of your line and let you tweak you fighting abilities. Not to mention they go well with hushpuppies, coleslaw and potatoes.
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    That's for sure!

    I didn't post it on FAOL on Friday, but I caught a 24" channel on a Jitterbug while bass fishing. Channel Cat hitting topwater? I guess it takes all kinds.....

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    On another board there is a fella who lives in Canada and he catches huge ones! Nice ones there by the way. I have only caught one on the fly. It too was after it had rained. On a creek by the house.

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    Nice cats! They're fun to catch, but it gets to be a slimy mess after a couple...
    The Green Hornet strikes again!!!

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    Very nice!
    I don't mind the slime...catfish don't smell nearly as bad as Northern Pike or shad! And they are very strong fighters!
    I'd catch a lot more of them if I could!
    David Merical
    Ankeny, Iowa

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