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Thread: Trouting in Maine next week

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    Default Trouting in Maine next week

    Any advice? Never ffished up there - visiting a friend in Portland who wants me to take him on the water.


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    Good to see you les. I have no doubt the fish in the Portland area will all be laying low once they hear you are after them.
    I doubt if there is anyone on this board that can give you advise. Just have fun!


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    Well.....I am in Maine for the first time and also seek help icw fishing here. However I hurt my hoof and am laid up for quite awhile. Will be heading to
    az in 1.5 months. Won't get to fish this summer. But this has become my summer home and I will be spending each summer here.

    Sooooo......I sure hope to see info posted here on the subject of this thread.

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    Get up into some elevation. Just had some serious rain a few days ago, fishing has been good in western Maine.

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