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Thread: 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

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    From: Evolution Of Modern Fly Line

    ?The AFTMA Fly Line Standards - based on the grain weight of the first 30 feet of line regardless of material density or taper configuration - may not be a perfect system but it has stood the test of time and have been followed religiously by all of the worlds fly line manufacturers for more than 40 years.

    Today, any angler with the need to select a line to balance with a 6-weight fly rod can by a #6 line - regardless of the brand, whether level, double of weight-forward taper, floating, sinking or sink-tip - and feel secure in the knowledge the line he has selected will match the rod. This was a real breakthrough and many consider the establishment of the AFTMA Fly Line Standards one of the most important factors in the sport of fly fishing during modern history.
    A major development in the evolution of the modern?

    The fly rod weight is determined by the rod builder, and they can use their own ideas of what the wt line to use for their fly rods....there is a difference

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