I am an avid reader. Primarily fly tying and fly fishing books. While fishing in the Madison Valley in June/July, a fellow fisher asked me if I liked to read. I said "yes".
He said "Read the book 'The Royal Wulff Murders'". I read it and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone interested in a novel set in the Madison River area around Quake Lake and below.

It is a book about fly fishing and murders. It is set in the Madison River Valley. You will get portions about fly fishing as a couple of the main characters are either fishing guides or help out as guides.

It is a novel and it really has twists and turns to keep you riveted.

Has historical info about the area and mentions all the "real-life" monuments: Quake Lake, Henry's Lake, The Madison, Raynold's Pass, West Yellowstone, the Grizzly Bar, Island Park, Lyon's Bridge, and $3 Bridge to name a few.

If you have fished the area, it is a MUST read, IMHO!!

I read it as an eBook on iBook, but imagine it is available at Amazon and elsewhere. You won't regret reading it!!!