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Thread: Finger-Tip Vise

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    Default Finger-Tip Vise

    I found a little Fiskars finger-tip knife and with the blade removed it holds a hook quite well. Mechanism like a jeweler's pin vise. A little hard to line up at a proper angle, however it is much easier to control than bare fingers. About 3 inches long and under 5 bucks. A cheap travel hand vise.

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    Now that is a cool thought! I will attempt this at some point soon.

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    How is it held in place? What about using a hemostat?

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    Hemostat, mini-vise grips, pin vise, x-acto - I have tried them all. This one is a little easier to handle since there is a place to put your finger tip and much lighter than mini vise grips (best hooks holder of the ones mentioned) A regular fly tying vise is, of course, the most practical choice for everyday use. I just wanted an alternative, simple device for my little tenkara travel kit.

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    In my early days of fly fishing I was using mint candy tins for my fly patterns

    Went fishing and left my tin fly box at home, having grabbed by mistake the other mint tin of bare hooks

    But that did not stop me from fishing that day...

    I broke off the filter of my cigarette butt and peeled part away part the wrapping and inserted it on one of the bare hooks I had the tin mint box...

    The fish like the cigarette fly pattern...

    Do not let a mistake, ruin your day fly fishing on the water surface...

    "Everyone you meet in life, give you happiness! Some by their arrival, others by their departure!" ~Parnelli

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