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Thread: an AWESOME day in the back woods and some large brookies! (pic's)

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    Default an AWESOME day in the back woods and some large brookies! (pic's)

    myself and two good buddies headed to the back woods for some wild brook trout fishing. to fish in this alder choked, twisted mess is EXTREMELY difficult but so worth it! you have to basically pop out on a beaver dam or shallow section of water to fish, take down your pole and bush whack to another section to fish but boy owwww boy what beauty and brook trout! on the way out we saw moose tracks that were in our boot tracks from the way in, very cool! we caught a slew of brookies but the prize for me was a 13 1/2 incher and on the next cast a 12 incher, both very heavy with brilliant colors! caught both the big trout ion a Hewitt inspired spider which they attacked!

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    well going to have to figure out the upload after work.

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    Default brookies!

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    Big, beautiful fish! Nice report!

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    Real nice brookies. Thanks for posting

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    When ever theres brookies involved... Its gotta be awesome ! Thanks for the post...
    "Because by the Grace of God I can, be on a beautiful mountain stream with a friend , have the water boil from a 12" Native Brookie taking a self tyed dry,and feel it on the end of my cane... It don't get no better than that..."

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