Decided to fish the Elk River today and try out my Pine Squirrel Claw to see if I could interest any trout. I did have one good trout that would bite down on the claws of the fly on 4 drifts through it's area, but, it could not find the hook! I even snipped off some of the length of the claws, but, still no hook up. Decided that I needed to work on that pattern some more and switched to my Guacamole Stick Bug with the gold floss body and started picking up browns from 10" to 13". Had a good time with them and later on in the day I switched to a Black Ghost streamer because I could see some 17" to 19" fish feeding sub-surface. I could see the flash of their bodies and I really wanted to hook one of them, but, that never happened. I did catch several more of the 12" browns on the Black Ghost and had a good time. I probably had at lease 17 fish on and only landed 13 of them.

Here are some pictures of the walk-in to fish the area I was at. I really like this area for the fishing and the surroundings:

You have to drive down a dead end road and park and walk in about 200 yards to the river. The family that owns this property has allowed fly fishermen access for many generations and it is much appreciated. You walk a lane that the farmer uses to get to his fields and the field is an island and he has built bridges over the lagoon and the river to get accross. This is the first bridge you walk over:

This is the view up the lagoon while standing on the bridge:

This is the view looking down the lagoon from the bridge:

After crossing the bridge you have another couple hundred yards before you come to the second bridge and the main river. You can see the river in the distance in this picture:

I did not take any pictures of the fish. Once you have seen one 13" brown trout what else is there to take a picture of? It was just a beautiful day to be on the river and enjoying the fishing and the surroundings.