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A simple, but effective and attention grabbing, tie for demos is the Pink Squirrel -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJQTEsLgcbg. The name and the bright materials get people's attention and it's pretty simple to tie. You can tie it in any size (#12 is my standard for trout). I usually use a straight hook (TMC 3769 or equivalent), a brass bead, a chocolate brown body, and pink Ice Dub for the collar. It works very well for trout and it's also excellent as a panfish fly (even for ice fishing).
Ha! My thought exactly! I like a bright pink synthetic dubbing rather than chenille for the thorax. I go traditional otherwise with darkish/reddish squirrel for the body (but dark hare's ear works just as well) and a scud hook.

My other thought is Walter Weise's GFA Hopper. Easy to tie, big to see.

A pink squirrel trailing a GFA Hopper is my favorite set up this time of year for panfish.