I have a 2 piece 9 foot, 7-1/8 oz. R. L. Winston bamboo fly rod that was given to me in the early sixties by Leonard S. Williams, a former president of the National Association of Angling and Casting Clubs (now American Casting Association) and a member of the ACA Hall of Fame. The serial number for both sections is #7790. The rod was finished September 5, 1955 and was presented to him when he was president in 1956. His name, along with the patent number, serial number, rod length and weight, is written on the butt section. The rod does not have a second tip.

He and I used it in casting tournaments. The rod is in great shape. It?s been keep it in the original red Winston bag, but I don?t have the Winston tube.

I am going to sell it on eBay, and start the bidding at about $1,300, but will negotiate the price on FAOL. If anyone is interested in buying this rod, please contact me at caibill@cox.net.

Thanks and regards, Bill