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    Default Lazy Days Swap

    Anyone up to Tying and Swappin some Minnow or Shad Patterns?
    I always enjoy 12 Tyers.
    "Just Tie up 1 Swap Fly" - I'm doin 5 each for ya'll.

    Lets put the Sign in Window from 6-4-10 till next friday 6-11-10.

    Lets call the timeline for shippin em to me on Friday 7-9-10.

    Tie your minnows or Shad based on what fits your style at the bench.

    Use whatever size hook and materials you prefere.

    I take for granted that everyone knows the rules.
    Anytime I have Hosted a swap I try to lash at least 2 for all participants sometimes even more.
    I just enjoy tying flies, cuz it makes my time here on earth slow down for me.
    If you do join in, I will do my very best to make this thing go as smooth and fun as PeanutButter and Jelly and get your Packages back to you ASAP !!

    I will lash up- 1 The Simple Shad & 1 Minnow (Baby RainbowTrout 3 inches long) and probably and even a 5th Fly.

    2- AlbaSurf - Mottled Mini-Muddlers -> Done deal->7-19-10

    3- jimsnarocks - Size 4 Shad -> Done deal-> 7-24-10

    4- WWKimba - Matuka style Minnow -> Done deal 7-21-10

    5- Bass_Bug - Zonker style Minnow -> Done deal 7-21-10

    6- CaseyP - Gierach Special -> Done deal->7-19-10

    7-25-10 Swap closed>>Thanks Everyone it was Big Fun
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    I can't seem ta find the sweet taste of the stream

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