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Thread: Subsurface Lake Level Line - "less" vis

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    Default Subsurface Lake Level Line - "less" vis

    In my sub-surface lake fishing research from a float tube, I have found that more strikes are had with a non hi-vis level fluorocarbon line than with hi-vis lines such as Sunline orange (the best line I have found for more traditional Tenkara fishing) or the Yamatoyo chartreuse. I believe the short 24-36" tippet/leader and 12 ft. plus hi-vis line combo when presented below the surface still retains a reflective quality that might spook fish - since a good length of the hi-vis line is completely in the water, not airialized above it. For still water fixed line fishing visibility may be a hindrance or at least not the most necessary line characteristic. Without that visibility, however, a relatively tight line and good control become critical to prevent missed takes.
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    Really good points K. I try to fish a tight, controlled line with no slack while lake T fishing from a tube. Primarily casting to bulging fish or structure and not so much mooching or trolling. I practiced the same approach "western" fly fishing for 30 years including the use of muted DT/WF line colors notwithstanding a longer leader. Conservative cast not a blast, let sink a bit, then slowly raise the rod tip rather than strip - sort of a Leisenring lift. In 4 years of T fishing, I have come to the same conclusion about stillwater presentation and stealth. So I will stick to the 3 ft. 6X tippet with direct connection to the low -vis level line, for now anyway. I like the control, ease of casting and simplicity above all else.

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