A few of us who fish Tenkara in South East Idaho are looking at forming a clug or group. This doesn't have to be something for just those in South East Idaho but for those around the area who would like to join themselves in to the community. With the technology today and Google+ we can meet as groups and discuss things without being in the same place. We would like to get together atleast once a year for a get together fishing event. We can strengthen and grow the Tenkara Community by coming together. I know that many are already close, by meeting at the summits and through other forms. However a group or club makes it easier for newcomers to feel comfortable and become a stronger part of the community. I believe this to be a big reason for the strenght of the traditional Fly Fishing Community, of which we are a part of. This is still in its infancy as I'm gauging interest, and getting details on how we will work it. I would like to be able to meet as a group in some facet and discuss technique, flies and patterns, tying techniques, materials, and different conservation projects, as well as gathering together fo fish.