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Thread: DO WE REALLY "FLY FISH" - Readers cast (Warren Patterson) - Jul 29, 2013

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    I did continue reading and I liked this quote:

    "We need to relate better to other people who fish that a fly rod is capable of fishing many types of lures and as fly tiers, we need to relate that we can create many different types of flies for fishing and that a fly rod can be used for all species of fish and not just for trout. I think once we accomplish this, we can attract more people to the art of catching fish with a fly rod and flies."

    There is no wonder the "non-enlightend" do not understand what fly fishing is, those of us who describe ourselves as fly fishers cannot agree. I have decided to leave the definition to others that are far more experienced than I. I simply have more fun with the fly rod than I ever had with the spinning or casting rod. Thats enough for me.

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