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Thread: A PARALOOP FLY - Fly of the week - July 29, 2013

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    Default A PARALOOP FLY - Fly of the week - July 29, 2013

    The Paraloop fly looks more difficult to tie than it is in reality. This fly is quite easy to tie, and there are just a few materials needed to tie this fly.
    This fly can be tied in different ways, and if you tie this fly with a hook with a curved shank e.g.: TMC200R or Daiichi 1270, you've got an emerger imitation.

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    Default Welcome to Fly Angler's Online "Fly Of The Week"...

    Henk: Welcome to "Fly Of The Week" on FAOL! Paraloop fly pattern are sometime over look by those who fly fish and/or dress fly patterns for their fly boxes...

    I am no exemption, think that I will have to dress some Paraloops for my fly boxes...

    I have been with FAOL since Oct 1997 and I offer all who ask a CD (pdf) of every fly pattern that has run of FAOL...

    Just email me your mailing address at parnelli@comcast.com and I will send you at no cost a "FAOL Fly Patterns CD"...

    Steven H. McGarthwaite (aka: Parnelli)
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    I have several paraloop flies in my boxes. Nice decription of tying them.


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    Hello Steven,

    Can you sent me an e-mail to aftma5@gmail.com ?
    I've tried to send you an email to the adress what you mentioned in your comment.
    But unfortunatly I've received an error that sending an e-mail to you permanentely failed.

    Henk Huising (AKA Inderk/ Kermit)

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    Kermit.....great step-by-step! Thanks much for the pattern.


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