I have read through the several threads on waders and haven't found an answer to my questions. I have Hogeman hip and chest PVC waders with the built in lug sole boot. Not had a problem with either pair, though I have only used them on 6 or 7 time each. But that is not my question.

I am looking to get our son chest waders, but there are myriad options available; neoprene, breathable, PVC, Goretex, stocking foot or boot, felt or lug sole or lug sole with replaceable studs, zip, no zip, wading boots, and so on. So, here is my question - My son gets cold in his hip waders, Hogeman PVC, in waters that I stay quite comfortable wearing the same thing, wearing basically the same things under the waders, wool socks & jeans. Now to keep him warm while wading, I figure PVC isn't the way to go, and stocking foot is also pretty much ruled out since they require wading boots, and we don't want to be spreading any diseases, so felt soles are out. So its now a lug booted wader, but what material? Looking to keep the price reasonable, <<$200, and that we fish cold mountain streams and rivers, what would you suggest that would 1) Keep him warm, 2) keep him dry and 3) not break the bank.