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    H have a cheap rod given me by a recently decease friend. It has a foam grip, which I think is the worse of all materials for a grip. I was thinking of trying to make a grip from pine bark but noticed I have a pretty good supply of white oak falling into my yard. I picked up a 4" stack in a few minutes at lunch. Now what? I was thinking of cutting circles with my hole saws. Is there somewhere I can find guidance?
    Lots of decent advise here ... I sometimes have issues getting words into pictures my brain can understand. I do a lot of Bark grips and like the way they look. Here's a tutorial I did a few years ago with pics for those challenged Hossack.pdf

    What they look like and it is slightly heavier than cork but certainly lighter than the burl cork being used so much these days. I have one I hope to finish this week for Quad 3wt for hopefully my first fishing trip of the year in MT in a couple of weeks.

    Doug Fir is good for other uses beside firewood

    If this tutorial interests you I have altered some of the ways I do things and can point you to another mini version
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