I have a 5wt Reddington Classic Trout, 4 piece 8'6" with 5wf line. Think I said that somewhere above. Its not top of the line, but its not a bottom dweller either. I have been told it casts very good for a $150 rod by the guys at my LFS. It's what I can afford, and I like it.

Somewhere around 25' and the rod starts loading pretty good, when I make a decent cast, and continues to feel good out to 35 or so feet, about my current limit. Fishing where I do, mostly freestone streams and rivers, 30' is a long cast and it is more like 15 - 20', ala Oldfrat, and a lot of roll casting. Occasionally I will go to one of the local lake and do some still water and test my distance, but not often as I prefer working a stream or river.

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First off if you are fishing freestone streams I'm using a Tenkara rod. Varying lengths of rods and lines can create an array of options. With the Tenkara rod you have better line control and drifts through the pockets. Just my humble opinion.

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