We went back up to the Eastern Sierras again this week. We fished Monday, Tuesday and some today. Monday was spent from Lone Pine Creek (real slow) to Georges creek where there were a lot of fish but they were not interested in any of our offerings. Finally landed one on a olive wooly booger. We went on to Bishop and up Line street to Bishop creek at North lake cuttoff. Again fishes were not interested in much we had to offer but a few were caught on pheasant tail nymphs and one on a mysterious orange streamer. After a look at Lake Sabrina, which has water to the bottom of the dam but is still dangerously low, we took a drive up South Fork Bishop creek. We didn't see any fish and caught zip. South lake had a little more water but was still sitting about 100 yards back from the dam.
Tuesday we took the drive up to Lee Vining creek where we got into a good hole just below the Poole Power Plant. Mike landed 4 fish and I brought 3 to hand and missed that many more. All the fishes were taken on streamers. We went up Tioga road into Yosemite as far as Olmsted point just to look around. There were hundreds of folks parked along the road through Tuolumne meadows and at the three lakes along the road. We drove back down to Lee Vining for a tasty shake at the little drive in frosty cone place across the street from Murphy's Motel. Yummy!
Then we took a side trip off June Lake loop road towards Parker lake and over to a little sand trap I found on Parker creek. I hooked and lost one trout in that creek and never got any more interested.
We took the Owen's River road off the 395 and drove it all the way to Hot Creek and then to Benton Crossing. Out on those flats the temp started to rise. It went from 75 to around 90 and neither of us felt like sweating while we fished. Headed back to Bishop for a hot shower, Mexican food and a good book.
This morning we headed South after breakfast to Big Pine. We fished Baker Creek, Big pine creek and on down to Tinnemaha Creek with not one take at any of them. Not to be discouraged we drove on to Independence and up to a secret hole. After separating, Mike went down and I went up, he gave a shout about landing two nice little fishes. I politely congratulated him and asked him if he could hand me my net, which had come unsnapped from it's tether. He walked over to ask why I couldn't get it myself and saw the struggle I was having with my own catch. I had come onto a pool and scared the fish out of the channel and into the head of a pool. I cast a beaded nymph in their midst and was hooked up to a nice fishie. It had made a run back downstream and was trying to go under a concrete ledge. I was working furiously to keep him in the channel and out from under stuff. Mike stayed back and offered suggestions which I ignored and just held my own with this hog. I finally wore it down and slid down the 8 foot bank and into the water. Mike tossed me the net when I asked him to and I landed the rascal. A quick weight and measure, a photo and away it went. It was 17 1/2" and 2 lbs 4 ozs. I was pleased.