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Thread: The One Fly Concept: Is It The Penicle of Tenkara Achievement or Selfdeluding Folly

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    Well I made a mistake on the spelling of pinnacle, please forgive me for that mistake. I meant no reference to anything having to do with male sex organs, that's for sure. I hope everyone had a good laugh at my expense on this matter. I am terrible at spelling and I have to rely strongly on the computer's spell checking ability for my spelling accuracy as it is not something I can see for myself in most cases. The word as I spelled it is a valid word, so the computer didn't high light it as a miss spelled word and I didn't catch the mistake. Unfortunately, once a title is entered it can not be edited to correct it. I would sure fix it if I could.

    On the matter of Kebari fly sizes needing to be stocked by retail dealers, TUSA offers only 3 patterns in two sizes at present, #12 and size 8 fly patterns. I would have thought they would have included size 14 Kebari flies as well at the very least. Take a look for yourself if you find that hard to believe -
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