A friend of mine and I finished the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park today, which was the opening day of the season there.

This was by far the best fishing we have experienced there in a number of years. We not only caught many fish, but on the average they were larger than the typical 17" to 18" cookie cutter Cutthroat we caught there a number of years back. We each caught multiple fish over 20" long, a couple of which I believe weighed around 6 pounds or more.

Better still, we caught fish from several years' age classes, which makes me think that all of the work and effort being put in to control the lake trout in Yellowstone Lake is having some positive impact.

I know that one good day of fishing doesn't prove anything, but after watching the continual decline of this once wonderful fishery over the past few years, it sure looks like the corner may have been finally turned, and things are on the upswing.