I have been wearing progressive bifocals for quite a few years, and they work fine. The first thing that I noticed when I got them was that the mid range in the glasses made it much easier to see a computer monitor. I work in IT and I use a computer monitor all day. After a few months, however, I found that using the mid range part of the progressive glasses all day was causing neck pain because I had to look up to get the mid range to work. I then purchased a pair of lined computer bifocals that had the reading part of my prescription on the bottom and the mid range part of the prescription on top. With that type of prescription, both the reading and mid range sections are much larger and it took the strain off of my neck and made it easier to read. I use the computer glasses for tying flies, too.

When it comes down to it, you need to ask optometrist the right questions before you pick out a pair of glasses and you need to be prepared to experiment a bit if your first choice does not work out. If you buy your glasses from the optometrist that gave you your exam, chances are good that they will replace glasses if they do not work out. Ask the optometrist about that before you order the glasses.