I built a fly rod for a buddy's 50th birthday. The party is Saturday.

Everything went fine until I applied finish to the guide wraps. I was using the rod finish epoxy that comes in the little 2-part foil packets where you snip off the end and squeeze out the 2 parts so you have equal amounts. The packets said the second coat could be applied after as little as 6 hours. I waited for about 8 hours. Applied the second coat about 9:00 last night and now, 24 hours later the epoxy is still tacky.

Anything I can do to help it along? I've read that one can apply another coat over the tacky coat but, unfortunately I have no more epoxy and no way to get more before the party on Saturday. Am I just being too impatient and just need to wait? As I said, using these packets of rod finish it shouldn't have been a problem with unequal amounts of the 2 parts and I'm sure I mixed well.

I've built a few rods over the years (often using the same foil packets of finish) and never had this problem before.

It has been quite humid here the last few days. Can that slow down the curing process? Is there anything I can do to help it along or do I just have to tell my buddy that I meant to give him the rod but now have to re-do it?

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks.