Well I have now fished 9 different streams with the HM33. It would have been 10 streams but for the fact that I broke the second segment on my rod yesterday. It was all my fault and had nothing at all to do with the rod. With the water content of last winter's snow pack was only 17 percent of normal this year, and the streams here are now too low and warm to contimue fishing them, its too hard on the fish to hook and play them in such warm water, so I will concentrate on fishing the high lakes for the rest of my Tenkara fly fishing season this year.

As for how the rod did, it has done very well thank you and I have given it a good workout. To this point the rod has landed 331 brown, rainbow and brook trout. Three of those fish were 13 inches plus in length and the rod handled them just fine. The lines I have used varied in length from 6.5 to 12 feet, not counting the tippet length. Size 2.5, 3 and 3.5 level lines have all been used and they all cast well on the HM33 rod. I enjoy casting and fishing with this rod more than any of other fixed line rods (5) that I own. The HM33 rod is 11 feet and a little more long. There was only one stream where I wished for a longer rod, and 3 streams that were too tight and brushy, with tree limbs overhead, to fish there with the HM33 rod. But I have a couple of other rods for fishing those kinds of places. The streams I fished the HM33 rod on varied from rivuletts you can literally step over in most places to streams with pools 25 to 30 feet wide, and the rod did well on all of them. All the flies I fished on the HM33 rod were dry flies, tied on hooks varying in size between size 18 and size 11, and some of them are quite wind resistant fly patterns to cast. The rod and lines handle mountain breezes as well as could be expected of size 3 to 3.5 lines, which was far better than I expected the rod and lines to do. I like this rod so much that I am going to eventually get its bigger brother - the HM39 - which is 12 feet 10 inches long, which I believe is a solid indorcement of how well the HM33 rod has done for me....Golden.