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Thread: Confession of a Vise-a-holic

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    Default Confession of a Vise-a-holic


    I tie on a Jvice. It is the best tying vise I have ever owned. Problem is, as inferred, I am a vise-a-holic and not "reformed". I also have several DynaKing vises. I have been intrigued by their new "Ultimate Indexer" vise. I broke down and ordered one. It came right after I left for my trip to the Henry's Fork.

    Just returned last night. Opened the box and found the shiny new and brassie Indexer.

    I believe my Jvice will continue to be my best tying vise, but couldn't refuse.

    If anyone would like, I could provide an honest appraisal of the new "Ultimate Indexer" after I tie on it for a while.


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    That is a beautiful piece of machinery. The folks who machines the steel and the brass and their children and their children's orthodontist appreciate you not kicking the habit and continuing to indulge. Just don't get caught down on the street corner selling old vises to youngster to get them hooked. I can see why you strive so hard to tye such nice flies, you don't have any excuses like bad equipment. Now if you are getting tried of the amount of time it take the housekeeper to dust them, I can PM you an address of a guy who would get some of them out of your way.
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    That is a nice vice, congrats on the purchase and look forward to reading your review.

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