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    Decided that I just had to fish a river today and get my "string jerked". I have two home rivers and they both were releasing way too much water to wade fish. One was releasing 1200CFS and that river is wadeable at 200CFS. The other river was releasing 4100CFS and it is wadeable at 350CFS. We have had a lot of rain in the last week and the lakes are over full and pushing the top of the gates at the dams.

    I have fished the one river when they were generating and just walked the rip rap along the chute where the generator water was coming out and have caught a few trout doing that, so, I decided I would give that a try. Once I got to the dam I notice that they were not running any water from the generator area, but, releasing water from the spillway. This is what the spillway looks like with 4100CFS coming down the spillway:

    This is looking down the spillway towards the bridge where the river starts and the first access area. I fished from the bank on the right hand side of picture and caught 2 stripers and 15 skipjack. The skipjack ran from 14" to 20". They sure are a lot of fun to catch on a 5wt!

    I was having too much fun catching the skipjack and did not try to get my camera out to take any pictures of them, but, I had so much fun today that I may go again tomorrow and I will take a few pictures of the "catch".

    No trout, but, sure a lot of fun!!
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