I have fished farm ponds that are either overrun with crappie or bluegill.
They both seem to be stunted to some extent when either of the two species predominate the pond population of fishes.

My question is, if you were stocking a 2 to 3 acre pond with either bluegills or crappies and largemouth bass, which
sunfish would you stock (that is if the crappie is indeed a sunfish)?

My inclination and desire is to go with only bluegill and largemouth bass.

Just looking for thoughts and suggestions. I would prefer to catch a 1 pound bluegill any day v/s a crappie!
I have fished several ponds and caught crappie one after the other that looked like clones of the first one I caught...little fellers!
Likewise, I have fished ponds where almost all the bluegills were little guys. The occasional larger (not bragging size) one.