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    My nephew turned 18 and my job was to pick out a light spinning outfit for him, which with the help of Dubby's fishing and Ammo, here in Harrisonburg, was a breeze. But I also thought I would "plant a seed" and give him my old Sage Launch 6wt. I wanted to get him a new line but I didnt want to spend $75 on a new line ($75!!! does anybody else think that is outlandish???). So I saw this Rio Mainstream bass line, $40 online and my local fly shop, Mossy Creek, had it. So I get it and put it on a "vintage" medalist which balances this rod well. Well, I was shocked at how well this line cast and how the line just shot out of the guides!! I mean, this was a harmonic convergence of line and rod for my limited casting skills. Now, its only 80 ft long (not an issue with me I dont think) and has no loops (I can tie a lot of nail knots for $35), but man this line will cast for me. When it comes time for a new line, I will be checking this out. They have a DT in a trout, which I use, and this bass line for my smallmouth rigs. Now in fairness to SA, they just replaced a GPX line for me that was 2 years old due to loop cracking, so they do stand behind their stuff. I'm not familiar with Rio as far as warrenty support. If anyone else is looking for a cheaper alternative for these $$$$ lines, my limited experience with this Mainstream line suggests they deserve a look.
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