Well, I got out from work a little earlier than expected, mainly because I agreed to go in at 0500 instead of 0700. The Oklahoma wind was relegated to a gentle breeze, which is rare. I decided to hit the pond on the back 40 at work, after a good report from a fellow coworker.

I was wanting to play with some Bass, so I had my 8wt out. I tied on a small popper, as there are also a lot of Hybrid Sunfish in this pond.

I cast the bug out, and it dropped onto the water?s surface about 6? from the cattails. Within seconds, it was slurped down. I set the hook, and felt a nice, powerful pull on my rod. Sure enough, this is what started jumping and thrashing on the water?s surface:

Several smaller fish decided to come out and play:

While I was catching these fish, I heard a splash on my right side. I looked, following the ripples, and saw a Nerodia water snake trying to swallow a Hybrid sunfish. Here?s a pic:

This snake struggled for several minutes trying to ingulf this fish, to no avail. After about 10 minutes of thrashing around, and trying to position the fish in the weeds to it could crawl over/around the fish to swallow it, a SECOND snake came out of nowhere and attacked the first! When I saw the second snake coming in (right at my feet, mind you!), I thought it was going to grab the fish and try to wrestle it away from the first snake. I was really surprised when the second snake grabbed the first by the head!

I got several quick pics of the fight, and even managed to catch a little video of it. I may post the video later. Here?s the best pic clearing showing both snakes: