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[snip]My real question is about the antron. When it got wet or was in the water it seemed to turn blue and had a little iridescence. The antron I have doesn't do this as far as I know, so what do I need to get to replicate this fly, which he told me was fine as long as I didn't give it to any guides.
Does the wing look like it is only one material or maybe two? There is product called "Angel Hair" which is fine, straight, and in Polar Blue gives off a sheen you describe. It is often added to a wing of zlon or antron to give it a little shine. There are a number of similiar products out there that have a similiar effect.

Tend to agree with some of the previous posters who argued that materials are not the sole determinant of the effectiveness of a fly...but then again, every so often, some patterns seem to work much better than others, so good luck with your quest.