Mystic is coming out with a Tenkara Rod. I ended up getting one from my Local Fly Shop, Flymasters of Indianapolis. Mine does not have a label on it but, the other rods they will be getting will have a label. The rod is a metallic blue with silver trim rings. It is 12' and about a 7:3 ratting. It weighed 3.5 oz with the tip plug that is heavy. This rod does not fish as a 3.5 oz rod. It feels more along the line of 2.5 to 2.8 oz. It also has plenty of backbone yet still has a soft tip that 5" blue gills put a bend in the rod. I have only fished the rod a couple hours today and I can tell you I think I found a new favorite rod. I fish with a size 4 hi-viz level line from Tenkarabum. It was about 15' long with another 3' to 5' of 4# fluorocarbon for tippet. The largest fish I landed today was around 12" to 13". I caught crappie, LMB, spotted bass, and some gills from the ponds. I will be doing some more testing for some white bass in the creeks in the morn. This rod feels close to the same as the TFO Soft Hackle but just a softer tip. I will try to get some decent pics of the rod for everyone to see. If you have any other questions let me know. I believe my local shop is retailing the rod between $140 to $150. It comes with a cloth rod sock and a clear poly tube.

Mike P.