First, I am honored to have my fly in the FAOL FOTW, Thanks.

This fly was tied to be used as a bluegill/shellcracker fly fished under a indicator but I also think it will work well for trout and also crappie fishing. Last year I had good luck using a copper beadhead fly tied using chartreuse rabbit or orange rabbit in the tail but also had a lot of short strikes so I thought I would try biots in place of the rabbit to cut out the short strikes but still have the colors. I only had some orange biots on hand so I started a fly using the biots and changed the body from small chenille to tan dubbing and added the copper wire for the rib. I wanted the fly to fall a little faster so I used the copper hourglass for weight. With all the copper in the fly, Copper Nymph seemed to fit.
It is so easy to tie this pattern on a size 14 - size 8 and I also tie this pattern on a curved nymph hook like the Mustad C67S. I do plan to tie this fly in a size 6 to use for crappie fishing.