We spent July 18-21 in the Lee Vining, CA area . Our kids, grandkids and in-laws camped in their RVs at a camp ground on Lee Vining Creek. They went up on Saturday and Sunday before we arrived Tuesday afternoon. Our daughter and 3 of our grandkids met us in town. We checked into Murphy's motel and they all piled in and took a shower. We went to the Aspen campground and checked in with the rest of the family. The fishing report was poor. Only 2 fish had been caught in 4 days by 7 people fishing. DFG had not made a stock in the area in a week. They didn't stock the entire time we were there. I took my 3 wt 7'6" rod down the creek a ways, tied on a 16 bead head prince nymph and started playing. I had a long distant release on my first hookup, then caught this little guy...

A few casts later this guy wanted to play...

The next day was spent around the campground with a few of the grandkids catching fish. Mostly they played games. Cards, horseshoes, and dominos. There were several of them with sore throats, coughs and fevers and they stayed in the rvs. My wife took the remainder of well kids on a hike.
Thursday my 16 year old grandson and I went upstream several miles. This is his first year to have to have a license to fish. He was so happy when the ranger showed up checking for limits and licenses. He (Bud) caught 1 really nice 16"
'bow and I caught a 12" 'bow and a 10" brown with an elk hair caddis as there was a good hatch going on. Some guy showed up and cast a spinner into the middle of the hole we were fishing and caught an 18" 'bow.
We left there before the fight started and went back to camp. There we picked up one more grandkid and had 4 follow us up Tioga Pass to Ellery Lake. We parked and hiked down to the lake where it was chilly and a stiff breeze was blowing. The kids were all fishing with spinning outfits. My oldest grandson and I tried our fly rods but it was pretty tough with all the close brush and wind. He switched
to a Thomas Bouyant and I switched to sitting on a log to watch them fish. Almost all of them were hooking up. Here is my Fishing Buddy Eddie, home on leave from the Air Force with a nice little rainbow. He turned 21 while he was here.

My 14 year old grandson disappeared on us and I spent a while looking for him. I couldn't find him and called the others in to help find him before dark. It took 6 of us about 15 minutes to find him sitting on a boulder under a bluff landing his 5th trout. Between him and the other 5 kids we had 11 trout to fry the last night there. When I told the other adults at camp about Nonie disappearing they all just looked at me and laughed. It seems they think he learned it from me. I guess I've walked away from most of them at some time or other and showed up later with fish, just before they called search and rescue.
All in all it was a nice trip. We did not float tube or travel to other fisheries. The creek was flowing low but good. They all left on Friday morning heading home. That was our 28 year anniversary and my lady and I had reservations in Mammoth Lakes.