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    Another section of the box that was decimated over the past season. A dozen more Bivisible Moose were replenished. Originally tied with a dark body and light hackle, this pattern brought a lot of fish to hand with the colors reversed last year which prompted the new version for this year as well. This is one of my favorite search/attractor patterns for broken or pocket water that tends to bring fish up when nothing is coming off.

    Hook: #12 Standard Dry
    Thread: Brown 8/0
    Tail: Moose Body Hair
    Abdomen: Tying Thread
    Body Hackle: #16 Grizzly Hackle
    Hackle: #12 Coachman Brown

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    Good looking fly, thanks for posting it.

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    Nice, if the water here ever gets to a decent level! Have to tie some of those up.

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