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Thread: Elk Hair Caddis

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    Default Elk Hair Caddis

    caught this fish with an Elk Hair Caddis.

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    Best dry ever! I caught bonefish on EHK, low water flats in Belize. I am sure that in a 4/0 hook you can catch a sailfish or a mako.

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    Me too. #12 olive EHC

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    A FEW YEARS AGO I was carp fishing and had no more deer hair bread flies; so I tied on an EHC. It worked and now I always carry a few with me. I tell people that carp will take many of the same flies that trout take. (I caught a small carp on a #10 greenie weenie a day earlier but no photo) It is all in the presentation. Hey is that a switch rod?


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    No. am early Orvis 10'er with three inch fighting butt. This was a Spey Rod...just no line at the time so regular 8 wt WF.

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    Nice! Have to keep a couple handy then.

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    I tied some on a Scud hook. Wider gap. I will try them this weekend to see how they do

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    Congrats on the catch.

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