Fortunate enough to go to AK this year for the first two weeks in August, and was hoping folks might have an informed opinion about patterns to bring, sizes, and whether or not to weight the flies and if so how heavy. First week is up in Wood Tikchik State Park, and the guides will have that covered, but the 2nd week I'll be kicking around the KP chasing whatever happens to be around, preferably rainbows and dolly varden, and silvers and steelhead if I'm really lucky (sockeye will probably still be around I guess, but not too interested in them).

So, beads will undoubtedly work (is a #6 hook sufficient?), and flesh flies (does one weight these or not?), but what else should I not be without? The biggest quandary I have is what sizes to tie and whether or not the patterns should be weighted and if so how heavy? I'll be doing the Kenai and any of the other streams/rivers on the KP that might be producing at the time. Have done a fair amount of research and it appears bunny leech variants dominant, as well as the egg-sucking leeches anywhere from #2-6, but if someone can offer greater insight I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.