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Thread: Marble Trout

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    Lightbulb Marble Trout

    Can you spell Slovenia ??

    Hint, I spelled it correctly.

    Can you spell Idrijca River ??

    Hint, I spelled it correctly.

    Can you spell ...

    Marble Trout ??

    This pic was taken by Dan Shepherd, Managing Partner of the Grizzly Hackle in Missoula MT, when he recently guided a fly angling trip to Slovenia. Thought you all might enjoy it.

    When I first saw the pic, I thought the banding ( if I may call it that ) on the fishy was a lighting effect. But Dan assured me that is the natural coloration of this species.

    The marble trout do get big. Dan told me how he and one of his clients both fished to one that was in the 36" range. They caught several marble trout well over 20", along with a good number of big rainbow and brown trouts.

    The fish are always right.

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    I do not see a pic?

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    It's a trout about as long as your arm, or so it appears. Very interesting report John.
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    Looks like a cross between a native Brookie and a Brown.

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    Default Aah....Marble Trout

    One for my bucket list.....fishing for big marble trout in Northern Italy with my good internet friend Stefano! Stefano lives in Treviso and fishes the Piave River and many other local waters, primarily for his beloved marbles. And yes, they do grow very large and sometimes cross-breed with their brown brethren. I'm saving my pennies and am going to try like heck to make this happen one day! Here are some photos of the Piave River and some decent marbles...... This one is a hybrid marble/brown.
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