Been on the hunt for a 906 Scott G as I prefer the deeper flexing, low modulous graphite over today's stiff fast stuff. I have owned enough Sages, including a few 9' 6wts to know I want something softer that will mend well and feel good with even dinky trout. I have found an Orvis Western 9' 6wt that I am also considering as I already have a love affair with my 1982 vintage Orvis "trout" 8' 6wt. Winstons typically have too soft a tip for me and I know exactly how the Scott g 906 casts. Just wondering if anyone else has a thing for medium actioned 9' 6wts? A buddy of mine used to have an old Diamondback All American 906-2 that was very smooth and deep flexing...a joy to cast. Welcome any and all other insights!