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Thread: New Michigan license structure

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    Default New Michigan license structure

    The new license fee structure eliminates the restricted license for fishing for species other than trout and salmon. Everyone must buy an all species license for twenty-five dollars as opposed to the fourteen dollar restricted license or the twenty-eight dollar all species license. This will result in an overall increase in revenues. Do you think this is good for trout and trout fishing? My personal feeling is that it will result in higher fish kill rates and just more people on easily accessed streams. I'm also guessing that the next change in the regulations(three to five years) will be a new restricted license as a revenue generating move. Politicians who choke on the word tax have no problem raising more money if they can call it a fee.
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    Two years ago, my wife and I thought we were going to move back up to Michigan, where she's from. I downloaded and started studying the MI Fishing Guide. I found the "restricted" and "all-species" licenses to be a little confusing (not to mention the various seasons, catch and immediate release, etc....).

    That MI has gone to one license doesn't really surprise me.

    Your comment about raising money with a fee also strikes home. Here in OK, we have one license, which costs $20, but you also have to pay a $5 "Legacy Fee", that has never been clearly explained, at least to me.

    I decided to save myself some money a couple years ago, and bought a 5-year license for $88.

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