This week a friend was given 2 evenings salmon fishing on the River Brora. On Wednesday I went with him, mostly to take photos and help out. The waste was very low, we haven't had significant rain in 5 weeks. Fishing just above where this photo was taken he got a pull from a salmon, but it didn't stick.

I managed to find a grass covered hole with my boot and stumbled. Didn't think anything of it at the time, but next morning I could hardly stand. I've aggravated an old knee injury. The worst of it is it is affecting my tying! I can't sit for very long without it ceasing up completely.
On the Thursday he went back on his own. He was fishing the next beat up. To cut a long story short he had 4 salmon on one of these.

Hook: Low water salmon double size 12. (The whole fly is about 1 1/4" long.)
Tag: Fine silver holographic tinsel.
Tail: Hot orange buck tail (You can add a couple of strands of Crystal flash if you like).
Rib: Fine silver holographic tinsel.
Body: In two halves both made from 2 strands of coloured copper wire twisted together. Rear half red front half black.
Wing: Squirrel tail above and below the hook shank, a bunch of GP tippet feathers over.
Hackle: Softish cock, Hot Orange

The original pattern is Ally's Shrimp, my variation on it is to use wire for the body in place of the usual floss. Part of his success was having a fly that go down to the fish. The other part was being given access to really good water at the right time! Now I will have to get to tying more of these up.