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Friday, June 14, 2013

Rivernotes Updates - Will Full Moon in June Bring the Salmon?
ASF's Rivernotes Blog has a new update. Check out the reports of anglers, and the few counting fence returns available. Considerable excitement, with Atlantic salmon continuing to move upriver.

A highly intense period of field work has largely been completed by ASF Researchers. Read more of the details on the ASF RESEARCH BLOG:

Canada's DFO Announces $10M Cooperative Program
ASF is pleased with this new two-year program directed at funding projects that safeguard and enhance Canada's recreational fisheries. Read more:

DFO's own announcement provides some details as well as background to the program.

Application forms and guidelines for the new conservation partnership program are available at the page below:

Greenland Fishery Threatens Salmon Restoration
The decision in Greenland to increase salmon harvests continues to cause concern. Check out this article:

Monte Burke provides a particularly insightful response to the Greenland decision in Forbes that is well worth reading:

Now Official - CFIA Is Ordering Farm Salmon Slaughter
The Goblin Cove site poses a direct risk to wild salmon passing to or from Conne River due to proximity to the migration route. Now CFIA has ordered the destruction of about 800,000 farmed salmon due to the highly contagious ISA.