In my on going efforts to make the world safer for my fellow fishermen and ladies, I reopened the testing labs to test the issue of safety with landing nets.

I got my spanking new NuCanoe I have been wanting. I also have a virgin Cortland ?Bodin like? net, a Christmas present. Knowing my ability to allow nets to escape my ownership, I decided to see where I could best attach it to the boat. When I stretched the lanyard the snap type hardware attached to the net failed with half of it popping my left hand. It was hurt like h*ll, if it had come loose at an angle striking an eye, you would lose the eye. The snap is some kind of ?pot metal? that has very little strength to it. If you have one of the Cortland nets replace the snap device on the end.

I emailed Cortland suggested they offer a retrofit. Keep the net away from your kids. I will have a report on the NuCanoe from the Uncle Jesse labs very soon.