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Thread: The Skittle

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    A cutt on a Skittle! That's a nice sight and I am jealous that I am not there to do it myself.

    You're find is about right along with mine. The Chartruese is the producer in the warm months. I have found the red and orange to do much better once the weather turns. I appreciate you giving the pattern a chance Sir! I agree, nothing like big cutts slapping at large dry flies. Won't argue there for a minute.

    Thanks for the time on the water and pics. Maybe once I get moved in and can hit some water, I can return the favor.


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    Last Sunday morning i caught my first white fish on the Madison in Yellowstone. In act I caught 2, one was about the size in the pictures and one was quite a bit larger and I enjoyed every moment. I watched an older gentleman and his daughter catch probably 20 or 25 fish in about 45 minutes and many of them were white fish and according to him one was a monster. As for having trouble winding on peacock herl have you ever tried using super glue like Walter Wiese does on several of his tying videos. It really makes a much more durable fly and is easier to tie because even if it does break it is still stuck tight.

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