The Skittle is by far the simplest pattern in my box to tie and also one of my favorite. All materials are applied pretty much in one step, and its durability is amazing. The original pattern was tied with Chartreuse wire, but I have found that in winter and late fall a red or orange wire can at times be the difference between an amazing day and a cold fishless one. I fish the Skittle as a single fly most often, below an indicator on deeper runs. However it does double-duty for me off a dropper on a dual nymph rig. It sinks like a rock, gives a hotspot of color, and is nearly chew-proof. Oh....and fish eat it.

Hook: #16 Orvis Bead-head
Thread: Black 6/0 Uni-thread
Bead: Gold Tungsten
Weight: Small lead or lead-substitute wire
Abdomen: Chartreuse Small Uni-wire & Peacock Herl
Wing: #18 Brown Dry Fly Hackle

For a step-by-step PDF, please click on the link below