I went float tubing on a large artificial lake yesterday with a couple of friends. They fished Western style, with John using an Intermediate sinking line and Ron using a 3 inches per/second sinking line. I started out with a TUSA 10.5 foot Kevlar line and a small Bead Head Orange Wooly Bugger, which produced no action at all for me while they were getting hits and infrequent fish on similar orange colored fly patterns.

Shortly, the wind came up. And I put on a floating T-line and an ant pattern and proceeded to the windward side of the lake, which was devoid of anglers when I started. But which became filled with anglers from the adjacent campground by the time I got there. I managed to catch and release one nice rainbow trout there, and get a few more hits I didn't succeed on along the face of the dam where my two friends were doing much better than I was.

I had never fished a level FC line for trout before in a lake. And although I had gone back to fishing a weighted subsurface fly pattern again, it just wasn't getting deep enough on a floating line to get into the strike zone. So I put on a 13.5 foot long TUSA (green) size 4.5 line, to which I added the tippet with the Orange Bead Head W.B. on it, and then added another 3 feet of tippet as a trailer with an Orange Sheeps Creek fly pattern on the end of it, and I started getting hits but still failed in landing any fish. The hits all felt like little fish, with no solid takes.

Ron ended up filling his 5 fish limit, while John was able to keep 3. This is a put and take fishery and they wanted some fish to eat. John lost a lot of fish and he probably hooked more fish than Ron did. And Ron also lost a lot of the fish he was hooking, while I had almost no action in comparison. The wind blown terrestrial fall I was counting on for success failed to materialize and I went nearly fish-less. What I needed was a deeper running faster sinking T-line to float tube troll flies in this lake in order to catch fish. So I am going to eventually get a Titanium line and see if it will improve my chances in these kinds of fishing situations. I just hope that the Titanium line is Knot-2-Kinky....Golden.