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Here is my opinion and I already know it is not worth much, but, I feel too many people put to much thought into the breaking strength of a Furled Leader. It is the tippet breaking point that is most important since your fly is attached to the tippet and not the Furled Leader. The concern should be on the tippet breaking before the Furled Leader or rod. The flex of the fly rod and the reel drag is what will wear out a large fish. I feel that most who enjoy using Furled Leaders, enjoy them because they outlast a tappered mono/fluorocarbon leader and they will turn-over a longer tippet and fly. I do understand why some use PowerPro, Spiderwire and other material and that is because of the strength of that material, but, a good Furled Leader also needs some stretch so that it will protect the tippet and rod. The teeth of musky and pike will come into play on the tippet and not the Furled Leader so a good Furled Leader should have some stretch and be able to turn-over larger flies to these fish.

Just my opinion and nothing more.....
I am pretty much in agreement with you Warren. I am envisioning a furled powerpro leader (6' or so) to get things turned over, then probably something in the 12# range (probably fluoro or mono for stiffness) as a shock tippet (12"-18"), then either 40Lb power pro or wire as bite tippet (12"-18").

The thread furled leaders that I have bought in the past arent stiff enough. I have tried using 40 lb (PP) -> 20lb (PP) -> 8lb (fluoro) to 40lb (PP) or wire, but wasnt really happy with that. not to mention way too many knots. i far prefer furled to knotted leaders.

The other option is furled fluoro or mono, but I havent tried them and wonder if they might be too stiff or result in a large diameter.

So the question becomes which material gives the best stiffness to diameter ratio - braid, fluorocarbon or mono?