I arrived home from work yesterday to find a couple of packages for me. Of course I immediately open everything up and start fondling my new goodies.

It looks like all the guide feet have been prepped already. That's good, one less thing for me to mess up on my first rod.

I test fit the reel seat components on the blank just to see what it will look like. When I slide the handle down the blank, it will slide freely to within about 15" of the bottom of the blank. I can push it down as far as it will need to go once the reel seat is on, though it's a little snug. (I didn't push it down with excessive force, just a gentle push downward.)
My question is, how tight should the fit be between the handle and the blank? If it's too tight it wouldn't allow any epoxy between the handle and blank, would it? It would just push it all down when you slide down the handle maybe? I browsed around here on FAOL and through the book that I bought but didn't find any specific mention on how snug the fit should be.

And one more stupid question: The kit came with 2 sets of epoxy. the rod wrapping finish which came with the two bottles and two syringes, and then some rod builders' waterproof epoxy (also from flex coat.) This stuff didn't come with syringes. What is the best way to measure the mixture of this stuff? Or is it not as essential to get an exact 1:1 mix as it is with the rod wrap epoxy?

I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions once I actually get started on this thing. I'm really looking forward to the project! I'll keep posting any additional questions in this thread to keep from cluttering up the forum with my rambling.