So said my sister after our latest trip to northern NH. She was a beginner (before she landed a 16 inch brookie--anyone who outfishes me is not a beginner), and got a micro-sized brookie on a teensy nymph while we were kayak fishing. Poor little thing--how to release it? I was too far away, but she paddled over to a gentleman in a red canoe who helped them both out and offered a lot of advice and encouragement.

Later in our trip, we met a couple at a pond. I saw them taking pictures of each other with their catch (dinner was going to be good in that camp!) so I went over to take one with both of them in it, and learned a whole lot about the pond for my trouble. They fish it every year, and now we will too!

As we drove home, my sister made her observation, so here it is for all to share and feel good about.