Thanks for the reply Peter. I have probably too many questions icw building rods, lines and such. Unless you have plenty of leisure time you might not want me to take you up on that offer to e-mail you. I really appreciate it....and might give it a test run anyway. For Atomic Dog and anybody else, I bought the book "Handcrafting a Graphite Fly Rod by L.A. Garcia. It really explains things well and tells you how to build a rod. I bought it at a book store. But you can get it at Funny thing though, the book I the same cover as what they show as a Video? Anyway they have a special also, subscribe to Fly Tying Journal for 5 yrs for $89 + $10 and get the mag for 5 years and the Bench Reference Fly Tyers Reference free. Anyway...the Garcia book does a real good job of showing how to build a rod.

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