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    As most of you know, Jack Hise has got him a new Kia Soul. Well, Ol' Jack and I are taking a trip out west again this year and he said that a pair of rod holders for the roof of the car would be nice to transport rods from spot to spot. Got the thinking cap out and decided that the Soul needed a little class. Below is what I came up with...

    The rockets are half scale Sidwinder missles. The missles are 5 and a half foot long and 2 and a quarter inches in diameter. Each will hold up to a 10 foot rod taken down to two sections. They are padded with foam pipe insulation to cushion the rods. Rods are held in place with velcro tie downs.

    I think they look good on the Explorer...should look great on the Soul.

    What could go wrong with those on the roof traveling across the west?

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