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Thread: TUSA 2.5 FL-Pink Level Line Visibility Report

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    Default TUSA 2.5 FL-Pink Level Line Visibility Report

    I fished an 11 foot long 2.5 level TUSA FL-Pink line on what is for me a medium sized small stream for about 5 hours yesterday. I fish dry flies on small streams exclusively. Because I am always watching my fly on the water, I always felt that line visibility was pretty much a non-issue for me in my Tenkara fly fishing. But this year I switched to a HiVis Orange T-line and I really like it as it is much easier to stretch the coil set out of the line, and I can subconsciously monitor the line's position in the air and against the background of the water with your peripheral vision while you are watching the floating fly on the water, than it was possible to do with the No-Vis lines that I have used in the past.

    I also bought a spool of TUSA's size 2.5 Pink level line and made an 11 foot line out of it for a very light weight Seiryu rod I got from Chris. I also put pink transition sections on all of my size 3 and 4.5 level lines as well, to go in between the lines and the tippets to be used as sighters, with the joining knots probably being the most visible points on the whole line. But I have to say, to my eyes and in the backgrounds I am fishing under, the Orange line has proven to be more visible to me than the FL-Pink line has been so far, and the difference in diameter between the size 2.5 Pink line (about the same as 3X tippet material) and the size 3 Orange line is not all that great. A lot of the streams I fish have a willows and azaleas growing along their banks, and also dogwood and alder trees as well as conifers, and umbrella plants growing in the stream bed itself, so the contrast that the orange lines show against the green foliage shows up a lot better for me than either the green or pink lines do. But your millage may vary considerably on that score in your fishing backgrounds. The Pink line's visibility, while not as bright to my eyes as the orange lines, is more than adequate under bright sunny conditions. And may prove to be even better yet under dark cloudy and near dark fishing conditions.

    On the matter of why the chartreuse or green lines appear to be more visible in some lighting conditions, T-Bum sent a length of level green size 3 line to me with a rod that I bought from him. Compared to the orange size 3 HiVis T-Bum line, the green line looked to be larger in diameter even though both lines are labeled as size 3 lines - at least a 3.5 in size or slightly bigger. But a dial caliper measurement showed the two different lines to be, in fact, the very same diameter. The green line just looks bigger. And I believe the same thing holds true for the pink lines as well. The lighter colored line, whether it be green or pink, appears to be bigger than it really is in some lighting conditions, and will show up a little better in those conditions.

    I am also waiting to see what the New TUSA Orange colored lines will look like. My hope was to use line color as a line size indicator, pink for size 2.5 lines, one color of orange line for my size 3 lines, a different orange color line for the size 3.5 lines, and the chartreuse color for my size 4.5 lines, with all the lines bigger than size 2.5 having the pink sighters as transition sections with a short section of clear 6 Lb. test. FC line finishing off the transition section, before adding the desired length of either 5 or 6X tippets to the respective lines. There is one line company selling a lighter colored, slightly opaque, orange colored level line that may also appear to be bigger in diameter than its true size would indicate. I would be interested in hearing how well that line works for you if there is anyone out there who has tried it....Golden.
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